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“For those unfamiliar with Arran Arctic, he is not (as his website leads us to believe) an amnesiac discovered somewhere within the Arctic Circle. He is, in fact, based in Edinburgh and is perhaps less commonly known by his real name, Arran Southall. However, listening to the melancholic beauty of his latest release, ‘In My Hands’ it is – at times – hard to believe that he does not hail from the Arctic region as his music does strike up imagery of endless plains of snow, icebergs and maybe the odd polar bear or two.Combining multiple genres successfully is no easy feat and rarely done with such apparent ease.Southall combines folk influences with electronica and has mastered the art of vocal multitracking. There are moments which bear a striking resemblance (if only momentarily) to Bon Iver’s ‘For Emma Forever Ago’ LP. Saying this though, ‘In My Hands’ is completely Southall’s own and any such similarities are fleeting, rather than overbearing.Tracks such as ‘Interrupt Me’ and ‘Always About You’ consist of carefully contructed layers and strike the perfect balance between folk and electronica. This crossover is handled so masterfully, some may even say it could be somewhat of a trademark for Arran Arctic.Southall has clearly stumbled into his own niche here and it will be exciting to see what he produces in the years to come. If you need any further convincing, ‘The Wire’ and ‘You Could Have It So Much Better’ should silence any doubts.”4.5 stars out of 5

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“It’s taken him three years but Arran Southall, aka Arran Arctic, has released his debut album.Showcasing the visceral beauty of folktronica, it delves into the soul but in a gentle way. No buzzsaw guitars and red-raw throats here.Kicking off with the forest-like trance of Through The Trees, the album has a pastoral feel made contemporary by synth beats and bleeps.First song proper, Interrupt Me, Arran begs a lover to follow him northwards, “the coldest place I could afford”.The music may drift into blissed-out pleasure but the lyrics often cut as sharp as Morrissey as he sings on All That I Can Do, “All that I can do is fall in love with you for a short while”. The Smiths’ nod continues with the jangle of Always About You.A thought- provoking album.”

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“…as per usual, Arran has served up a treat. Compared to his last offering, it sees a different side to him.  Gone is the haunting D.I.Y. folk, replaced by some beautifully-crafted electro-dreampop……The whole package is pretty damn good!……It’s an album to stick on and as the ol’ cliché goes, lose yourself in.  Just be careful you’re able to find your way back out of its clutches.

God Is In The TV Zine
“…grimly optimistic ambience reminscent of The Twilight Sad… shares a maudlin buoyancy with Ballboy…what stands out the most though are Arran’s lyrics and the passion he manages to imbue them with… his songs are both uniquely personal and touching…This is a good record from a prolific and talented songwriter.”

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Devil Has The Best Tuna
“…it blends the tenderness of King Creosote, the introspection of Damien Rice and the lonely self analysis of Bon Iver.”

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The …And Myles Show
“An intimate adventure… a truly independent artist”



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