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Arran Arctic Podcast #6 – Playing Gigs with TYSN

I was very kindly invited by the wonderful folks of Thank You So Nice to appear at their next gig as a very special guest!

The gig is entitled Nuts In March, an obscure reference to ye olde BBC film ‘Nuts In May‘ (TYSN couldn’t wait 2 months to justify the reference!).

Rea & Alex

The gig is happening at Henry’s Cellar Bar (on Morrison Street) in Edinburgh, on Saturday March 9th. Doors open at 7pm and it’s £3 in (Facebook event here).

For that princely sum, you get to see TYSN, The Occasional Flickers and myself. That’s £1 per band! Kerrrrrazy!

I’ll be performing some guitar versions of tunes from my latest LP ‘Like Lovers‘ and will hopefully invite some special guests to join me onstage! So you should come!

With the gig imminent, and with TYSN organising the event themselves, I decided it was time to dust off the Arran Arctic Podcast and grill TYSN on all things gig related.

Listen below (or subscribe to the podcast feed in iTunes)…

 This podcast featured music from…
Thank You So Nicethankyousonice.blogspot.co.uk / tysn.bandcamp.com
The Occasional Flickersoccasionalflickers.co.uk / lingeronrecords.bandcamp.com

 Note: Express consent was received from each band before they were included

This podcast also mentions…
Henry’s Cellar Bar – theraft.org.uk
Dauphin – dauphinmag.com
Jock Rock – jockrock.org
Scots Whay Hae!scotswhayhae.com

To download this podcast and listen at your leisure, right-click the file below…
Arran Arctic Podcast #6

Arran Arctic On Scots Whay Hae!

I was very flattered to be asked by one of my favourite blogs / podcasts, Scots Whay Hae!, to take part in a Record Store Day podcast special.

So, I grabbed my guitar and travelled through to Glasgow where I met up with Alistair Braidwood, Chris Ward and Ian Gregson to play a few acoustic tunes and talk music, records and lost albums.

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous what with being a fan of the show, but I’m glad I got to listen to Ali and Chris talk infinitely more intelligently than me about a subject that I love; music!

You can get the podcast at the Scots Whay Hae! website or subscribe to it on iTunes.

I had a great time. Thanks guys!
Arran :)